David Mares

Senior Financial Planners/ VP of Sales

Born and raised in a middle class community in Albuquerque, his father a welder, his mother owned her own beauty salon and this is where he learned the value of hard work. Raised  to value the grit it took to earn and save money but never was the family exposed to capitalizing on market gains.  The common misconception that financial planners were for wealthy families was relevant therefore the family never sought additional financial advice. "We worked hard, took care of our family, home and the community." His love for sports bolstered the gumption it took to win on the field, where he excelled earning a baseball scholarship out of HIgh School.  After passing the baton, David grew a family of his own where he adopted his oldest son, and fathered 4 of his own. He fell into the industry as a recruiter for a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allianz in Northern California. Life brings changes, and now has a blended family with a total of 7 grown children, 2 grand-daughters, and 4 rescue pups. His best friend and wife Renee encourages him daily to be the best version of himself. David has been in the industry for 20 years and is opening up his own safe money wealth firm today, finishing his bachelors degree and running full time as a Senior Marketer for Universal Producers Group. He brings a wealth of knowledge on multiple facets.  Today, David likes to spend his off-time relaxing with his wife by going to the gym, coming up with healthy recipes, traveling to see their kids and has a love for LSU football. In 2015 David competed in his first Ironman and has aspirations to do it again but is focused on the growth of the UPG Team, his Degree, and expanding his wealth company. He holds his faith as the cornerstone to how he lives life and knows there's lots of work still to do, but his moral compass is alway drawn back north. Truly a man with a 'Servant's Heart' he always brings a smile to every place he goes. His wife pokes fun at him every morning as he opens his eyes singing a different song. "I value the grace that God gives me every morning to do it better, therefore I work hard at being a rock for anyone in need."

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